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Since going vegan- well, really, since going vegetarian in 2008, I've wanted to find a good chili. As a kid, I loved Dennison's chili, but that's got beef in it so it's definitely a no-go. The closest veg chili I could find was made by Nalley's, but I recently discovered that despite the label, it's not vegetarian!


I know, I was pretty angry, too. I've been eating it for a year or two, and somehow I managed to miss that the label says it has beef flavor in it. BEEF is not vegetarian, Nalley's! Shame on you. And shame on me for not noticing that; because of my allergy to the most common preservative out there, I usually read labels more carefully than anyone. I'm pretty ashamed that I missed such an obvious breech of my ethics!

I've tried a few other chilis, but the one I've found that I like the best is Amy's Kitchen Southwestern Black Bean Chili. It has a mild, smoky flavor and the black beans make it delicious. Other chilis have a sweet-chili flavor that I don't mind, but that I'm not looking for in a chili.


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