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Will it go?

I'm 25,000 words into the latest book I'm writing, which is roughly 35% of my word count goal and I'm in that headspace where I'm convinced I can't flesh this story out enough to make it! I don't really plan and outline extensively because I just don't write well with that much structure. I like to have a general plot idea for a book and then just go with it until it's done.

I'm enjoying what I'm writing now, though. I'm getting into the background of my main character and throwing embarrassing, uncomfortable moments at her because I find books are the most enjoyable when you put your characters through a lot of crap. Making their lives miserable makes for fun reactions and interesting plot twists, I believe.

Let us try to get published

I love to write and I believe I'm good at it. I've been told, since a young age, that I'm good at it, even when I know that I really wasn't. (I couldn't tell then that I wasn't good, but I can see it now. No one must ever see those old stories!) I've always liked books about vampires and werewolves, what we now usually call Urban Fantasy. I like the excitement of something happening because of magic powers and supernatural creatures when it's easy to understand because it's set in our world.

Someone can say their main character gets in a car and drives to the corner store and I can exactly picture that. You throw your main character into some epic fantasy realm and now you have to tell me that she's getting on a bright pink pony that has some name with lots of apostrophes and I get bored because I have no attention span. I don't want to read pages of description of a world or its strange creatures. This makes me zone out and start drooling a…