I love to write

I hope all writers feel the same way I do, but sometimes I read blog posts to the contrary. Sometimes writers seem to despise the actual act of sitting down and creating, though many of them love to have written. That's a thing, right? A saying? "I hate to write, but I love having written."

Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes I have so much crammed in my mind I wish I could just snag a crowbar, pry open my head and dump the contents out onto the page. Most of the time, though, I love the act of sitting and actually writing out what I've got in my brain. I like reading what I wrote, too, and being surprised at phrases I came up with or jokes I made.

I'm one of those fugue state authors, who sort of leaves reality while writing. I'll come away from a day's work with a vague idea of what I wrote, but often I'm surprised when I see what I actually came up with.

I've been writing a lot, lately. I knocked out ten thousand words over the weekend on two short stories. I'm very proud of them, even if they never see the light of day.

Tonight I did some writing that terrifies me, too. I wrote another query letter to another literary agent. These things are like placing a spider directly on my forehead and telling me not to move. What can you say to make sure they pay attention to the book you've written and not just notice that you're secretly sweating and whimpering on the other end of the computer screen? That's what I'm bad at: knowing what to say without going over the top with it.

I know my work is good; I know readers would find it entertaining and worth shelling out $8 bucks for (or, whatever books are going for these days; I've stuck mostly to ebooks for awhile, now). I've worked hard to make my characters unique and interesting. The tough part is knowing how to make sure an agent sees that when all you want to do is (figuratively) grab their legs and yell, "LOVE ME!"

Ahem. That's not just me, right?


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