Rejection level 2

Last week I decided to rewrite my query letter. I was reading it over, about to send it to another agent and I realized it's crap. It makes my book sound like every other book that's already been published in the UF genre, which it's not.

So, I spent the time rewriting, beating myself up because I couldn't string two sentences together and finally came up with something I liked. I had a few writer friends give me a critique, finalized it and sent it off. To my surprise, I got a response from the agent within a day! She wanted to see a partial manuscript!

Exciting! Terrifying!

I spent the rest of the night killing myself trying to find a decent and coherent site about how to format a manuscript. Much like with agent and publishing information, every website has a different idea of what's right. Luckily, I followed a very helpful link on the blog of the agent herself, got everything formatted and sent it off.

I just got the rejection today, which is sad, but I was expecting it so I'm not completely surprised. As much as I'd like to have the ego to think that I'll be the one writer who gets accepted by an agent so early in the submission process, I realize that's unlikely. So, I need to just keep plugging along.

I'm having worries, though, that because I sent my crap query out to SO MANY agents, that I won't be able to find many more to send the good query out to. I'm starting to panic that I blew my query wad and now all these agents will reject me and I'll be left with nowhere else to submit my work.

I am still technically waiting for a response from ten or so agents (Despite the warnings that most agents will take months to get back, most of the ones I've sent to have rejected me pretty quickly. I try not to think about that, too hard; it's better to just be thankful to have a clear answer, right?) but between the agents I'm waiting on and the ones who have already turned me down, I've submitted to a lot of places. I don't know what do if I run out of agents from the Query Tracker site! Google is NOT helpful in finding agents (if only because the responses seem to be too broad), and I'm wary of sending to agents who have not been verified, so to speak, by the Absolute Write forums.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel and try to navigate the self-publishing route, if only because that way is going to be expensive, confusing and completely lacking in any sort of help with publicity. I have no idea where to go from here, though.


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