I love writing fiction, but it's the only kind of writing I enjoy or feel I'm really good at. In high school the only reason I had a C average regardless of how poorly I did with math/science/history/PE was probably that I aced every English class, and I did that with the barest minimum of effort. I would put off everything as long as possible and then write all reports or essays the night before (or the morning of) and do so while whining, "uuuggghhh."

So, having a blog has been kind of a challenge. I've had--and still have--private blogs for personal issues that I need to get out but don't want to phrase carefully or make interesting. However, any sort of blog "for the public" seems like such a chore to me. I can't even imagine writing much about movies or shows or books I consume because I feel like there are people who enjoy that sort of thing and who can do it much better than me.

When I was in high school I had a friend who told me that, if I ever don't know what to say, I should just yell, "Tartlets?!" as if I was confused and/or offended, and then either run away or change the subject. I literally still laugh when I think about this advice. When, a few months after absorbing this tactic into my arsenal, I found a pack of frozen tartlets at a grocery store, I laughed doubly hard and couldn't wait to tell this friend that tartlets were an actual thing and not just a ridiculous word/prime exit strategy.

I don't know what to blog about but I'm told that in this day and age you need all manner of social media for people to consume if you want to "make it" as an author. I don't think they mean the sexy kind of make it, either, which is too bad. Generally I feel I'm a pretty uninteresting person. I have random, silly thoughts that I like to share, but that's what twitter is for. I'm not a critical consumer of media, and I don't often enjoy dissecting things so that's not my niche. But, I love to write fiction. I have a lot of weird, tiny ideas that I store up and make note of in hopes I can cannibalize them for a book later on.

So, I'm yelling Tartlets?! at this blog and changing the subject, so to speak. I may still blog about exciting things that happen, but in the meantime I'm going to take my little ideas for scenes and put them up here in hopes that they will both entertain people, and also help those who will eventually be curious about whether or not they want to support me as an author.

My first idea is regarding the main character of my upcoming book Mixed Feelings: Gwen. I have a lot of tartlets about her, actually, little formative scenes about her past or, when the series (hopefully) gets out there, her "present." I have a ton of 3k-10k shorts to go along with her actual series that I hope to either put up on my site when they match the canon timeline or maybe to go into anthologies should that opportunity arise. The tartlets, however, will just be scenes from before the series that I hope people enjoy.

Keep watch for a short about the first time Gwen met her ex-husband Stanley!


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