I really despise looking for publishers. They all seem to want the same thing, though it's actually different and impossible to describe. "We want something fresh and original!" Well, who doesn't? I don't think many people think their writing is stale and done to death.

I haven't written much this year, at least compared to my record productivity last year. The first half of this year has been mostly taken up with a lot of personal stuff, though I've been writing a lot of shorts. I'm also writing what will most likely turn out to be a novella with a brand new character. I may share a snippet later this week, assuming I can pick something intriguing that can stand on its own.

It's hard to find places that accept novellas, even e-publishers. Or, at least it's hard to find a place that wants a novella that has no romance and falls into Urban Fantasy. Romance seems to be the golden ticket, honestly. In my last few years of searching for places to submit to, my stories' lack of romance has really shot me in the foot quite frequently. I do have a short series with romantic elements planned, but it will be awhile before it's in any shape to be submitted.

If I can't end up finding any place for my UF novella, I'll likely release it bit by bit here on the blog like Naomi Clark is doing with her amazing Ethan Banning novel, Undertow.

In other news, I'm just doing a lot of waiting on the publishing front. The publisher has several books in the editing phases it seems, and one soon to be released so I know they're busy. I can't wait to see what else is to come in the process, as I've never done this before and it's all so new.

My day to day life is a lot of working (I'm going seven nights a week from now on), catching up on TV (I'm not sure about this last season of Dexter, and it seems I'm not alone) and trying to come up with non-Gwen things to write and places to submit. I did write a sci-fi-ish short last week that needs some major polish, but I'm hoping to start submitting it to magazines and such next month.


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