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Tartlet: Beer and Unicorns

“I hate him.” “Who?” Caroline diverted her attention from the TV momentarily. “Conan O’Brien?” “No. What? No. I mean Jeremy.” “That’s ‘cause he’s an asshole.” “He didn’t seem like an asshole,” Frannie pouted. “Yes he did,” Caroline insisted, digging out a handful of popcorn, her eyes on the redheaded, string bean talk show host. “He just also seemed like he had a great body.” “He did have a great body.” “And he did seem like an asshole.” Frannie rolled her eyes from the TV to her roommate, wanting to argue but lacking the data to back it up. Sighing, she gave in. “Well that’s why I hate him, then.” “You hate him because he stopped calling after you put out.” “Asshole,” Frannie spat, leaning over to grab a handful of popcorn. “I can’t believe I didn’t see what an asshole he is.” As Frannie gave in Caroline laughed, bobbing her head loosely. “Men are all assholes.” “Jeremy’s at the top of the list, though.” “For tonight. Tomorrow we’ll find some other asshole and move him to the top of…