It's been a hard six months or so. I've had some personal stuff going on, my publisher has been making internal changes that were slowing things down a bit, and I've been working my day job to excess. Lately it's not uncommon for me to be at work for 10-12 hours a day.

Money-wise this is a good thing. I've been able to get my eldest cat the dental care he needed, I've been chipping away at my debt, and I've been able to stuff money in savings.

As to the progress on Mixed Feelings, we're chugging away at that. All the major edits have been done, and now the publisher is going through the galley, I guess it's called. Evidently that has nothing to do with making the book walk the plank, it's just something to do with all the smaller edits like typos and such. We're also in the midst of cover design talks, which is pretty cool.

I'm writing yet another series within the same world that Gwen inhabits, which I've dubbed Preternatural PNW. All the books take place in the Pacific Northwest and they're all preternatural in nature, so I think it fits. Gwen's series will be the first to go out within the PPNW, followed by Veruca and Finn's short series, Abigail's book, and then later a book or two starring Kincade. At the very, very, very end of things, I have yet another character in mind named Imogen. Her series takes place after everything else that happens, though.

I can't believe how many characters and storylines I've sparked within my own brain just writing Gwen's books. I feel like generating the background to support what goes on through her ten book series ended up creating so many other stories I want to tell. I'm toying with the idea of writing a little blurb for each series and what I have planned and making little pages for them on the site.

This is premature, most likely, as only Gwen's first book has even been picked up for publishing. The rest of the series are just planned/plotted, but mostly unwritten. Though, it would be fun for me to do so, and that's probably all that matters at this point.


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