Another go

It's been two months since I've made any writing progress. I submitted a couple of (since rejected) shorts in early April and haven't heard from my editor since then, either. Part of me is annoyed that I've let myself just lounge about not pursuing my dream, but my excuse is an excess of work hours coupled with sickness. Evidently I had a kidney infection masquerading as a really bad pulled muscle. So watch out for that if you're a person who has kidneys.

Tonight I'm trying to find a place to submit the few short stories I've got, and I just sent the one out that I'm most proud of. I wrote it for an anthology that went nowhere ages ago, it got accepted, but I pulled it because the company was sort of just sitting around doing nothing. Now no one else wants it, which makes me so sad. I've heard from several people it's really good, so it's just about finding the right place, I guess.

My other shorts are good, too, but in my opinion not as excellent as this one. It's not that I'm bagging on them, this one's just REALLY GOOD, so I have less hope for them when this one can't even get picked up.

Other than that, my life is about the same: work, cats, getting over this kidney thing. I have started volunteering at a vegan grocery store that supports a pig charity and I'm loving that. And hey! I just realized Maleficent comes out today! Now I'm really excited to be off work.


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