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I'm not sure what to write next. My three major options are Finn/Veruca #2, Abigail #2, or the last Gwen book. The last Gwen book is both the most and least tempting. Gwen is easy to write. Most of her series was written in one year, with each book taking two or three weeks to complete at the longest. I don't know if it's that I know her so well that she flows easily, or if she's just so simple-minded that she doesn't require much effort to create.

Abigail fought me through her entire first book. That's part and parcel for her character, though. She's tough and mean and difficult to interact with. Her book was supposed to be a novella, or maybe even a short and it ended up at over 70k. Every time I would try to wrap it up, the book would fight me and I'd realize there was more to the story than I planned. She was supposed to be a short, one-shot, and now I have a whole second book planned for her, and a third one that I haven't plotted, but want to …