I'm not sure what to write next. My three major options are Finn/Veruca #2, Abigail #2, or the last Gwen book. The last Gwen book is both the most and least tempting. Gwen is easy to write. Most of her series was written in one year, with each book taking two or three weeks to complete at the longest. I don't know if it's that I know her so well that she flows easily, or if she's just so simple-minded that she doesn't require much effort to create.

Abigail fought me through her entire first book. That's part and parcel for her character, though. She's tough and mean and difficult to interact with. Her book was supposed to be a novella, or maybe even a short and it ended up at over 70k. Every time I would try to wrap it up, the book would fight me and I'd realize there was more to the story than I planned. She was supposed to be a short, one-shot, and now I have a whole second book planned for her, and a third one that I haven't plotted, but want to write.

Veruca and Finn I'm less interested in writing, just because I had a hard time focusing on their first story. The exact opposite of Abigail, I had a whole novel planned while the book wanted to be a short. I was convinced it was going to read like padded crap that couldn't sustain itself for a whole book, but so far the person who's read it said it's her favorite of my work so far. Finn is pretty delightful, I'll agree there.

My inclination is to move on Abigail, since she's so entertaining to me. She's just hard in pretty much every sense. I have some fun things planned for her second story that I am really excited about jumping into, including an aspect that will force her to soften somewhat, which will be interesting. I think I'm just hesitant because I'm convinced I'm going to spend three months fighting with her again and be so frustrated that I can butt heads with a person who only lives in my head.

Then there's the real obstacle here: I don't know the first line of any of these books. I have a vague idea of how Gwen and Abigail would start, but I don't know that initial line, which is what flows out into the rest of the book for me. Without that, I'm lost! Usually I focus and ponder until it just appears in my head fully formed, but I should probably be more proactive about it.


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