The book is out! My first book is out! Woohoo!

You can buy it on Amazon, or at the C&G website, or you can hit up Goodreads to add it to your list of books you want to read. You can check out Becoming Cliche's blog for a review of the book or an interview with me.

Once you've read the book you should find me on twitter and tell me what you think! Did anything really bug you? Did anything really make you laugh? I'm always curious what lines make people go, "YES!" since I often read books and get really caught up in certain lines or phrases that I really think are clever. I wonder if other people might ever do the same with my writing!

Other than scouring the internet for mentions of me and my writing, I've been spending more time at home with my cats, lately. I've been having a lot of movie nights with friends, which has been great fun, and trying to keep my oldest cat from protest-peeing on the welcome rug. Since I bought him puppy pads he seems insulted, so he's been using the litter box religiously, and announcing it every time. I'm not sure if he thinks I'm calling him old and incontinent or if he's angry I'm comparing him to an untrained puppy. As long as his ego keeps his piddles in the cat box, I don't care.


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