Holy Moly!

Do you read Urban Fantasy? Do you like gluttonous eating of sugary foods? Do you want to get cool stuff? Is there money in your bank account that you’re not sure how to spend? I can help!

Being a therapist means dealing with other people’s problems, but this is getting ridiculous.

Despite being an empath who tastes and feels others’ emotions, Gwen Arthur’s always managed to stay under the radar and out of the preternatural world. The worst she’s had to deal with is a horny werewolf private eye named Mel.

Until now.

It starts with a terrifying visit from the monsters that plagued Gwen’s childhood nightmares. They’re back and they seem to think she’s someone else entirely–someone very powerful. Someone capable of taking on the task they lay at her feet: find a group of kidnapped, magically gifted children before they’re killed. Or worse.

She’s got her smart mouth, her eerily competent best friend Chloe and, yes, even irritatingly attractive Mel to help her through this assignment. Hopefully that’ll be enough, because she’s also caught the attention of an invisible, candy-stealing interloper on top of everything else.

It’s hard enough helping others sort through emotional turmoil, but now Gwen’s got to rescue missing kids, figure out this whole “supernatural” thing, and treat Mel like a person? It’s enough to give a girl MIXED FEELINGS.

That's right, my book is available to order now! You can already pre-order the paperback or hardback versions and show how excited you are for my future career as a world-traveling author who writes farcical stories about a greedy, smart-mouthed empath and her much more competent friends!

It's already gotten its first review and it's totally positive! I didn't even pay the reviewer under the table or send my cats to rough her up if she didn't say nice things. She said nice things all on her own!

So go on, click and buy my book! The universe wants you to, I promise. I would never lie about the universe. Who knows what it would do to me if I did.


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