Cat-sitting and Goodreads

I have five cats, which sounds like a lot if you don't love cats. I mean, it's a lot when I have to go to bed and they all insist on doing that thing where a cat can take up an entire queen sized bed by itself. It's bad enough when my massive gray tabby does this by himself, but toss four other cats into the mix and I'm usually going to have to sleep on the couch.

For the last week, though, I had the blessing of two more cats at my place! SEVEN CATS! As I said on twitter, I was like Snow White, only all the cats were grumpy. Well, except Lump, who's dopey.

Lucy, majestic and sure of herself.
Ricky, who is facing a catnip scandal of epic proportions.

The two guest kitties belong to a friend of mine who had to go out of town and didn't want to leave her cats alone in her fume-filled apartment. She could barely stand to live next to the deck renovations, so we both agreed her cats certainly wouldn't like it either.

It took them a day or two to adjust, but they came around after awhile. My cats, of course, insisted on soiling the guest cats' litter box every chance they got, but the guest kitties were dignified about this and only complained a few times.

The guest kitties, being white, grumpy seniors, got the nickname the Republicats. This, of course, lent itself to my cats being called the Democats. There was much filibustering on Uriko's part, as she tried to lure the Republicats out of sleeping in what had previously been her room. They were not swayed by her impassioned speeches that would go on for hours and sound curiously like yodeling. There was only the barest of crossing the aisle; they would not cooperate on anything except the eating of slimy wet food.

Party affiliation aside, cats will generally always agree that food is good.

Alas, the Republicats have moved back into their apartment and my house is back down to the perfectly reasonably number of cats that I had before. Uriko has her room back and has taken it upon herself to rub her face and place her butt over every surface she can possibly reach to make sure the Republicats' scents don't linger. As you do.

In book news, I've been officially made a Goodreads author! I don't know why that's exciting but it is! I mean, I don't really know what the significance is of being a Goodreads author. Perhaps it'll be more apparent when I have more than one book out.

And Mixed Feelings has a real review over there! It's four stars! Between that and my fan over at Becoming Cliche I know my family and friends who tell me, "it's good!" aren't just whistling dixie!



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