Three Questions with Dora and Lily

Dora and Lily seen here eschewing the paparazzi.
Since my interview with Martin was such a hit (he had no doubt it would be, and has been lording this over me since it was posted), I've invited a friend and fellow author Leanne to be the go-between for another kitty interview.

Aside from being a fantastic storyteller, Leanne plays second fiddle to two adorable kitties, Dora and Lily. Because both these fuzzy gals have big personalities and high aspirations, I sent over a few hard-hitting questions so we could all really get to know them.

Leanne graciously accepted responsibility for emailing over their answers, as we all know cats should not be allowed near a computer that could potentially be used to order four thousand cans of tuna on your dime.

O.R.B: Dora, it's a well known fact that the earth is threatened by Global Warming. Scientists warn that in the next eighty-five years, global average temperature is expected to warm at least twice as much as it has during the last 100 years. This is a serious issue that I'm sure you're very passionate about. How has the availability of warm blankets in your home affected the frequency of your daytime naps?

DoraWhilst I would never consider myself lucky, being as a feline of my stature deserves such tribute, I do live with two humans who are on opposite ends of the temperature scale. The female is a furnace. Whilst she is discouragingly bereft of blankets during the day, she is good for night time naps. The male is always cold. Despite global warming he has insisted that there be more blankets available to wrap himself up in. This is of course only a ruse as he has never used said blankets. I graciously accepted the tribute as soon as they were unwrapped.

O.R.B:  Lily, boardgames are a national past-time, occupying millions of children every day, even in this current culture of electronic communication and video games. Who in your home holds the monopoly on yarn and bits of string?

Lily: ah, yarn... The epitome of fine pastimes. My pet human has a great love of yarn- balls and balls of it. She's very selfish with it though and keeps it locked away. She likes to think she has the monopoly on it, but we all know it is only my diligence and benevolent grace that allows her to knit or crochet without Dora chewing her yarn into little pieces. 

Also I really love how the human pulls yards of it out and drops it on my head when I reign from her lap. It is a worthy crown indeed.

O.R.B: And finally, a question for both of you: If there was a movie made about your lives, what would you like the craft service table to offer?

Dora: it goes without saying that the story of my life would be a three hour long epic, with a sequel of equal time. They will of course serve prawn- and I do mean prawns as big as my face. None of those piddly little shrimp, a good French Brie and the finest fillet of fish- lightly seared in butter to bring out the flavour. Also fresh Jersey cream will be on tap. 

Lily: ohhhh! Pineapple. I love a good bit of pineapple, with Greek Hogarth, honey and loads of pizza. Not vegetable. Pepperoni is best. Also Irish cream or port. I'm not fussy. Dried apricots to snack on through the day and steak tartare for in the evening. With onion rings. Love me some onion rings. 

Pineapple. I did not see that coming.

There you have it, another engaging interview with the genius that is cats. Please check out Leanne's blog, where she talks crafting and writing while the cats observe and probably critique.


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