By Francesca Russell on Flickr
I love spring, especially in the PNW. Some years spring is nothing but lots of rain and temperatures very slowly warming up, but this year it's shaping up pretty well. We're getting lots of warm days, more sun than usual, and the rain we are getting isn't too heavy.

I like pretty things and rain and, at least since moving to the PNW, the sunshine. I grew up in CA and I really didn't like the sun because it was always out and during the summer it was a sweaty, unpleasant burden. Now that I don't get to see the sun as much as I used to, I've become quite fond of it.

The sunshine helps flowers grow and there isn't much that's prettier than flowers, am I right? This time of year I want to surround myself with little things that embody spring.

[Seattle, WA image by Francesca Russell on Flickr]

You can't go wrong with flowers to invoke the feeling of spring.

There isn't a real practical use for this, but if you wanna feel pretty one of DeadlyCherries' headbands is a pretty good way to go about that.

Pixie Pockets utility belt by ManakaHandmade

We're mostly past the point where a big heavy coat is needed for walking around, and since I like to take a lot of walks, I've been eying purse alternatives. This one's my favorite so far, a utility belt with pockets for what I carry everywhere: phone, wallet, lip balm, and tissues. Much snazzier than a fanny pack, right?

Cat Infinity Scarf by TwoBirdsGirl

Even though the sun is coming out and the rain is lightening up, it still may be chilly out there this time of year. Luckily there are cute scarves in the world to help keep you warm! I especially like this little kitty scarf, mainly because I like cats.


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