Three Questions With Remic and Ket

Remic, seen here fascinated by the Tetris light in the distance.
I'm nothing if not an animal lover, and a fair one at that. Not wanting to confine my interviews to only one species, I reached out to Naomi Clark once more to see if she could get some answers to my tough questions from her two snakes, Remic and Ket.

O.R.B: I heard you got new digs awhile back, and I must say, I'm quite impressed with your vivarium. It's very nice! 

Rem: I built mine myself!

Ket: He didn't. He just knocked over his water bowl and declared it "interior decorating."

O.R.B: Now, I know you're currently digesting, so I'm sure you'd like to get to it. Let's start with a softball question, shall we? The Large Hadron Collider was unveiled in 2008, and has since faced much controversy. Some believe it is dangerous, positing that scientists could inevitably create one or more black holes that may swallow us all. Experts deem this impossible, but that doesn't stop people from being concerned. Where do you stand on the production of GMOs?

Ket, lamenting the time humans waste playing games.
Ket: I'm actually fascinated by the possibilities of the LHC and I've been pulling together some research on sypersymmetry -

Rem: I went through a black hole once.

Ket: No you didn't, Remic.

Rem: I did! I spaghettified. It's why I'm so much longer than you.

Ket: I don't think...Well. GMOs. It's a loaded issue. Obviously there's the advantage of plants that are resistant to weeds and pests, as well as the potential to ease world hunger and...

Rem: I ate a baby rat last week!

Ket: That's...actually true. Shall we move on?

O.R.B: Cloning has been a popular trope in all forms of media for decades. You can see it in every type of movie, from comedy to action adventure. It's even happened in real life, with the replication of the famous Dolly the sheep. If you could rename any crayon, which color would you choose and what would the new name be?

Rem: I like the blue ones. My eyes go blue when I'm going to shed my skin.

Ket: Can we talk about cloning? The ethical implications – a lot of which are religious in origin – tend to ignore the potential for therapeutic...

Rem: If I was coloured with Crayolas, I'd be Banana Mania and Beaver striped. Ket would be Dandelion and Burnt Orange. I checked.

Ket: I actually think I'm more Goldenrod, but we're splitting hairs, I suppose.

Rem: I don't have any hairs. You're confusing us with the cat.

Ket: Let's move on.

O.R.B: Many religious organizations stand firm against stem cell research, believing it involves ending human life. Those arguing for stem cell research point out that the cells used are no closer to being human than a cluster of skin cells. Medical researchers push for the use of stem cell research as a way to treat diseases and injuries. Many people throughout the world, however, have yet to form an opinion one way or the other. If money was no object, what is a hobby you would like to take up and why?

Ket: My personal feeling...

Rem: I like tennis.

Ket: Do you even know what tennis is?

Rem: It's the one with the clubs. I saw it once. I had strawberries.

Ket: I don't think you did.

Rem: It was before you were born.

Ket: I'm actually older than you.

Rem: Then why am I bigger? Explain that, with your science and your stem cells!

Ket: Miss Olivia, perhaps we can reschedule this interview for a day when Remic is busy elsewhere?

O.R.B: That's probably for the best, as it looks like Remic is getting a little too excited for his own good. We don't want him to bite his own tail again.

You can keep up with Remic and Ket, and their flatmate Fergus, on Naomi's Instagram, and follow Naomi's publishing accomplishments and TV thoughts on Twitter.


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