101 blog topic ideas

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I'm never sure what to blog about; my daily life is pretty dull, and I don't do much more than sleep, work, watch TV, and occasionally go for walks or bike rides. Other than getting bitched at an alarming number of times on my walks (it's always out of nowhere and from a complete stranger, even), nothing much happens.

So what's a girl who wants to keep an active blog supposed to do? Google "blog topic ideas," naturally. I came across several lists, and some of them just make me laugh. I can't imagine writing an entire blog on some of these ideas; a few snappy one-liners I can do, though.

I feel like self-hypnosis is a really bad idea. Not only would you not be able to pull yourself out of the hypnotized state, you may find that you have a secret Mr. Hyde side that really wants to mess with you. Then, even if you can come out of being hypnotized, you may end up clucking like a chicken any time you hear the word, 'spackle.' I'd imagine this would be very problematic for contractors and architects.

Rescued Animals
I guess this could be a pretty cute blog, but I'd imagine it would me mostly pictures of grumpy cats being held by firefighters. I'd love a blog about rescuing animals, though. I can just see little kitties wearing board shorts and tiny whistles. I don't think they'd actually do much lifeguarding, though. You'd just drown because cats hate water.

This one was bolded on the site I got it from, so I guess they're pretty serious about their hamburgers. Maybe they just really want an entire blog dedicated to hamburgers. They want to learn the ins and outs of hamburgers, the history, the etymology of the name, and maybe if there was ever a Duke of Hamburger. I bet he an the Earl of Sandwich didn't even get along.

Self-Defense Training ("for women" or "for children" or "for business executives.")
I'm confused about the quotation marks here. Do they secretly mean other things? Or do they just think it's a joke that any of these people could defend themselves. Have they just met too many business executives who just roll over and cry at the idea of being attacked?

The best "places" around the world and do they live up to the hype?
Again with the quotation marks. Are you supposed to review imaginary locations? "Oh, Narnia wasn't all it was cracked up to be. It snowed the entire time, and they tried to crown me King."

Criticize a website/blog or a person
Jeez, this one doesn't mince words. "Yeah, you get on your blog and give that asshole what-for! Talk about how his/her blog is trash and you never liked that hair-do s/he had in fifth grade!"

Things Lady Gaga has in common with muffins
I... I don't even...

Why cows are destroying America
Fox news, is that you?

Places you've lived and who you "were" at the time
Was there discount on buying quotation marks in bulk that I wasn't aware of? Because, damn, they're everywhere. I guess this topic is supposed to be more on the existential side of things. I hope so anyway; maybe this site is run by the mob and they're trying to root out rats who have gone into witness protection. "This blog is by Jimmy the Mouth! He's going by Frank Teller and he lives in Intercourse, PA now. Get him!"

How to kill (fictional) people. Hahaha.
This is probably also a blog run by the mob. I mean by legitimate businessmen.


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