Noodle Cups!

I really like ramen and instant soups but a whole lot of them have chicken broth powder or something else that's not vegan. When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, I felt pretty dumb. Why hadn't I ever thought to make my own ramen?! It's so simple! Broth + Noodles + whatever kind of veggies and/or tofu you want. I did a very brief and lazy search on the shelves of Whole Foods and found GreeNoodles.

I then promptly forgot I had bought them and it's been a few weeks since the idea to make my own ramen occurred to me. Tonight, however, I was looking for lunch for work and found my packet of noodles in the cupboard. I grabbed a vegan "chicken" bouillon cube, tossed it in a little plastic tub with some garlic powder, and dried chives and brought it to work.

I didn't even have to cook it, really. I just put it all into a bowl with scalding hot water, let it sit until the noodles were tender and chowed down. Next time I'm going to do myself a little favor and maybe brown some firm tofu to put in as well. The veggies I could do without, but we'll see if I'm feeling healthy.


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