Evernight Celebrates 5 Years of Publishing!

Thanks to readers like you, Evernight Publishing has grown by leaps and bounds in five years so they’re pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION BLOG HOP in your honor!

That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…

Prizes include:
Apple Watch Sport
NEW Kindle Paperwhite
Fitbit Flex
Evernight, Amazon, and ARe Gift Certificates
Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize!

You might think that's a little young to be putting out all the erotica and sexiness they produce, but I guess publisher years are like dog years and they're well above the age of consent. Here's hoping the sexy stories keep rolling out for a long time!

If you haven't already, you should check out Rattle, my paranormal romance novel about a faily necromancer and his fancy Reaper girlfriend. It's funny, it's sexy, it's silly, and you should go read a little more about it on Evernight's site, or here on the blog.

Finn's a failure, at necromancy and life in general. "It's not my fault," he'd insist, looking deep into your eyes as he lifts your wallet. You'd catch him, of course. Because he's a failure.
Veruca, on the other hand, is competence personified. She has to be, working as a Reaper directly for the Prince of Hell. When Finn shows up in a stolen sport coat and uses Veruca as cover from his murderous mistress' glowering goons, she finds the one thing she may not be so good at: resisting Finn's handsome face.
You can (and should!) purchase Rattle from Evernight directly or on Amazon, and you can add it to your To-Read list on Goodreads!

I'm jazzed to celebrate this crazy great accomplishment with Evernight so I'm offering a little giveaway of my own.

You can win Rattle in ebook form, as well as a gold, anatomically correct heart necklace. Just leave a comment on this post to enter! (The blog hop is over, now, but you should still check out Rattle, FoodNCute on Etsy, and my fellow Evernight authors! :)

Necklace by FoodNCute on Etsy
The comment can be anything and the winner will be chosen by random number generator, but if you're not sure what to comment, talk about your pet! Or pets! Or, if you can't have pets, tell me what your ideal pet would be if you lived in a magical world where anything was possible. You could even say you want to have some celebrity beefcake as your pet, though that might make things a little weird if you run into them on the street one day.

"Hey! Johnny Depp! I won a human heart by telling a girl on the internet how I want to keep you leashed in my front yard!"

I'm just saying, maybe choosing a dragon as your ideal pet might be the way to go instead. Just be sure to include a valid email address so that I can contact you and ask where to send your winnings.

Evernight has a lot of sexy books out, and some that are straight Urban Fantasy, so this is the perfect time for you to check out the list of authors who have helped them be so successful over the last five years! Why the perfect time, you ask? (Besides the fact that it's always the right time to find good books to read, of course.)

All Romance ebooks is celebrating with a 25% off sale on all Evernight titles until October 9! You can find Rattle over there and buy it and then tell all your friends how great it is.

If you're interested (of course you are!) you can enter to win Evernight's Grand Prizes using Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Then, once you're finished over there, check out the rest of the Evernight participants!


  1. What a fun prize! Thanks for being a wonderful Evernight author!

  2. Rattle sounds great & the heart necklace is quite clever. Thanks.

  3. Happy birthday Evernight... Silly me.. I was reading you blog post and got to the anatomically correct.... and kind of red the wrong word there... Won't share what word popped into my head but ...

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. I'm actually a nurse so your necklace offer..... Who do I need to kill? lol

  4. We don't have pets. Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Birthday Evernight. Coreydclancy@gmail dot Com

    1. You may not have pets, but you do have a necklace coming to you! :) I'll email you shortly. Congratulations!

  5. Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance.Rattle sounds like it's pretty good, can't wait to read it.
    diannp (at)neo (dot)rr (dot)com

  6. Happy Birthday Evernight! Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance

  7. Thanks for the FAB giveaway! Have a SUPER nice birthday Evernight!

    Juana Esparza

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks for participating in the 5th birthday blog hop! I love hops and birthdays! Meeting new authors and giveaways are just a bonus!

  9. Rattle sounds like a great book, off to check it out.
    Happy Birthday to Evernight!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  10. Love your sense of humor! I have a little beagle-like dog. Despite getting fed every morning and getting treats throughout the day...she still insists on screaming around 4:30 am for her breakfast. She's a very effective alarm clock. :)

  11. Thanks for Being part of the Evernight birthday hop.Rattle looks very interesting! I was going to grab a dragon as my fantasy pet but you already mentioned dragons, so I will stick with our real life pet, Ginger the Wonder Wiener dog.

    Mary M.
    emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  12. Love this!
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  13. Sounds like a great book! Can't wait to read it. Thanks for sharing.
    susieq13458 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Pets! We have a tabby cat named Jenny who is a complete diva she doesn't meow she kind of howls and it does get your attention very quickly.
    Happy Birthday Evernight!


  15. I have a house full 3 labs and 2 cats. Happy Birthday, Evernight!


  16. I do have pets, well maybe I should say my parents do. We had 4 chihuahuas and sadly due to age, they have slowly been departing us, but Tiny was my favorite, loved when I came home, just before I opened the door I could hear his tail wagging because it would hit against the wall, he was so excited to see me :)


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