Fantasy Halloween Bash 5: Trick and Treat!

Halloween on Orange Street, Nantucket

I tricked you! There is no more party planning! I mean, the party's over. We finally got everyone in cabs and on their way home, the cat didn't die of fishnet poisoning, and you managed to give that sleazy bat Craig's credit card number instead of your own.

Everything's worked out for the best, and just in time, too! You're down to only a few droplets left of Ghost Pee.

The good news, however, is that I'm still here with some treats: images to really get you into the Halloween spirit! You've probably lost a little bit of your spirit (if not your will to live) after listening to Chet's nonsensical attempts at a Polish accent, but I'm here to help.

Before we get to the help part, I'd like to ask anyone who likes sweets, anyone who appreciates a people who cater to allergies, anyone who has any extra money, anyone who wants to help out nice people and small business, and anyone who just feels like doing a good deed to check out a Kickstarter!

My friends over at Seattle Cookie Counter are trying to raise enough money to keep their business going by opening a physical location. They've been running things out of a truck for about a year, but running things as they've been doing isn't sustainable anymore. PLEASE help them reach their goal! They need $20,000 more dollars before November 6th! You can pledge the money now even if you don't get paid for a week. They are ABSOLUTELY deserving of your help, and I've been pushing as hard as I can to get them to this goal. Thank you for considering, and please donate! Even if you're out of town, they have donate options for you too!

Now, onto the spooky pictures. Enjoy!

Halloween House print

Halloween Approaches


Original Black Cat Halloween Folk Art painting

Autumn Tree Tattoo

Cooper Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween!
Have a safe holiday, folks!


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