Fantasy Halloween Bash: Part 2 - Fashion

The Scaredy Cat Club at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, MI U.S.A.
Now that the house is set up, and you've remembered to invite your (hopefully not racist) friends, you've got to think about what YOU'RE going to look like for the party. If you're a dude who doesn't cross-dress you can probably just ingest these suggestions to suggest to your lady friends at a later date. I'm a lady and so this will be lady stuff.


Ghost Dress by repurposefulPUNK on
I have a love/meh relationship with Halloween fashion. I really love it and want to buy all the cute dresses I can find that fit the holiday, but they're not really practical since you can only wear them once or twice a year. Thus, the meh.
Black Cats Skater Dress |
You could of course adopt the persona of crazy Halloween lady and dress in bats, cats, Jack o'lanterns, ghosts, witches, and Frankensteins (shut up; I know it's the doctor's name) all year round.

Bats in the Night dress |
That comes with its own difficulties and responsibilities, though. Once you've had yourself declared crazy Halloween lady (it's like Knighthood, I think; you can't just do it yourself, you need to fill out paperwork and maybe get, like, a cat lady license or something. I haven't really looked into it.) you've got to find a neighborhood to roam, choose some phrases to yell at passersby, and stop brushing your hair.

Attack of the Bats sweater dress |
Crazy Halloween ladies all have birds' nests of hair. It's in the rules. You get kicked out of the union otherwise. I think. Again, I haven't done much research.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bats by CABfayre on Etsy
 You'll need accessories to go with your fancy Halloween dress, whatever you choose, and bats are super Halloweeny. I'm not really sure why, but they always seem to show up in movies, flapping about wildly in the distance. Maybe they're having a little bat Halloween party of their own, dressing up as humans and pretending to do each other's taxes and shaming each other for not using coasters.

Vintage Halloween necklace by PixieWhimsy on Etsy
 I mean, I haven't asked bats what they think we humans do, but I can see that being a pretty accurate representation of what bats think we get up to. They're not like dogs or cats who get to see what we really do up close. They have to go by what they've seen in movies. Movies like Look Who's Talking, I guess. There were taxes in that. And one of those weird machines with the handle you pull like it's a slot machine, but instead of giving you quarters, it just vomits out a slip of paper with numbers on it.

Halloween cat necklace by PendantIsland on Etsy
Maybe you don't JUST want to decorate yourself with jewelry and dresses and you want to go a little further. Plenty of people have thought the same things as you! Even those weird thoughts you still have about Jonathan Taylor Thomas. YES THE ONES INVOLVING MOPS! (We're onto you, Deloris.)

Nail Decal pack by CoverItInVinyl at Etsy
You've got a couple options for decorating your skin and nails. There are plenty of great nail decals for sale, some spooky temporary tattoos if you love Jack O'Lanterns this time of year but really hate them the rest of the year.

Jack o'lantern temp tattoo by Siideways on Etsy
Then again, maybe your legs are cold and you just want to be warmer while sticking to the general theme of Halloween goodness. Plenty of options there, too! 

Grey Night Lace Leggings by Carouselink on Etsy

Day of the Dead Skull leggings by lovesweetobsessions on Etsy

However you choose to adorn yourself this Halloween party season, you're gonna need to eat! And drink, am I right? I mean, Craig RSVP'd and he's bringing Deloris. You don't wanna be sober through that. Stay tuned tomorrow for a cure for what ails you! (What ails you is sobriety and hunger. Trust me on this.)


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