Guest author interview + Book release announcement!

Since I interview cats and they don't contribute anything to society (nothing, I tell you! They're all hairballs and complaining!), I figured maybe I should branch out and talk to someone who actually works on making things people will like (no one likes hairballs, Lump. NO ONE).

So, I've asked Lea Bronsen, who just so happens to be promoting her new book (more on that in a bit!) if she'd be willing to stop by the blog and submit to the same hard-hitting journalism the cats have been forced to endure. Enjoy!

O.R.B: Hi Lea, welcome to the blog! Let's get straight to the nitty gritty.

The vanilla vs. chocolate debate is one that's been raging for centuries. I'm sure even Aristotle and Cleopatra were getting into heated internet debates in unrelated comment sections over which was a better base for an ice cream sundae. Why, you can barely walk into an ice cream shop or order soft swirl without having to duck a flying fist. If you could go back or forward in time and be witness to (but not participate in) any event, big or small, what would you want to experience and why?

LeaHi Olivia! Thanks for the welcome! If I had to go back and witness something momentous for mankind, it wouldn't be watching the first try-and-fails of the luminous invention of ice cream sundae, lol. No, I've recently read that the powerful and beautiful Cleopatra had herself smuggled into Caesar's palace rolled-up in a carpet because she wanted to be his mistress (who wouldn't want that, right), so I'd love to rewind to that episode and see the look on his face! Has to be priceless :D

O.R.B: I would never have thought of that, what a neat moment to choose! Now, onto question two. Scientists have been stumped for many decades by the woodchuck question. We know woodchucks chuck wood, of course, but we've never been able to agree on how much wood they might chuck, should they be chucking wood. Scientists have decimated thousands of forests in search of the answer to this question. That being said, what's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten, and was it any good?

LeaHe he, you're not asking if it was a deliberate, fully conscious act or not. If you're willing to consider the weirdest thing I've ever eaten against my will, it has to be a pretty large mosquito I managed to swallow once while driving my motorcycle without a helmet. Yeah, I know, not a good idea (keeping my mouth half-open, that is. The helmet thing is another story.) Anyway, I'll never forget *shivers* the creepy feel of miniature legs and wings fighting for survival deep in my throat. Was it any good? Hell no!! Yuck!!

O.R.B: My face while reading this was definitely the real world equivalent of D: I would LOSE it if that happened! Auugh! Let's move away from the subject of eating bugs to a simple last question: What would a collective noun of Leas be called?

LeaA: Oh, what a cool question! It would definitely be a destruction of Leas, because I've always considered myself a wild cat. *laughs*
Thank you so much for having me, Olivia! I really enjoyed our Q & A :-)

Thanks for your time, Lea! You can find Lea all over the web, at her site, at her blog, on Facebook here or here, on Twitter, and on AmazonNow to the juicy stuff.

Book two of the Hot Model Mine trilogy is finally out!
The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test. Will their love be strong enough to have a future?
In book one, The Perfect Shoot, things were complicated for erotic romance author Andrea and her irresistible cover model, Yushka. He was much younger than her—practically the same age as her twins—and she'd spent half her life without a man. After much reflection, she ended up giving into her desire and taking Mr. Hot Model for lover. But what then after they traveled back to their separate lives?

Wait no more: They're here to tell the continuation of their sizzling love story.

Mine to Love 

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Add the book to your Goodreads list, see Lea's inspiration on Pinterest, and check out a steamy excerpt here!


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