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Holy Moly! Rattle is up for Best Urban Fantasy!

Ahhhh! Rattle's up in the Semi-Finalists for the Evernight Reader's Choice Awards! This is so neat! The last time my writing was nominated for anything was when I was a freshman in high school and all the high schools in the area had a contest for best short story. I submitted my story The Serial Sporker and was told I was a finalist, and that I was invited to an assembly where the winners would be announced.
I remember sitting there expecting to be in the honorary nominees section, or whatever that was. Then they hit the winners and I figured, surely I'm third or fourth place. Then they kept going and I was announced the WINNER! Of all the things! (all the things being $75 and a certificate that I still have).
So, you know, technically I'm already an award-winning author and I have a reputation to uphold. So, if you've read Rattle and you think it was awesome, you should head over to the site and toss a vote my way.

I've been writing the second book in Finn a…

More podcast suggestions

I'm on a podcast roll, lately. I'm still making my way through the backlog of The History Chicks, but I've added in two new podcasts that I really dig.

Decode DC is fantastic! I binged on a bunch of the episodes while playing a dumb game on my phone the other afternoon. I couldn't sleep, even though I really needed to, and I'd already listened to one episode (put up through 99% Invisible, which you'll hear about in a bit) so I knew I liked it. My interest in it only grew as I kept going.
Decode DC is basically a rundown of all things DC, bringing to light how ridiculous the whole Government situation is, and how the media doesn't make anything any better. The host, Andrea Seabrook, brings stories about the language used by each party and how it's all meant to sway and fool voters. They interview past politicians, and other reporters, and really dig deep into the nitty gritty background of politics that you usually don't get to see.

99% Invisible is al…