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I'm on a podcast roll, lately. I'm still making my way through the backlog of The History Chicks, but I've added in two new podcasts that I really dig.

Decode DC is fantastic! I binged on a bunch of the episodes while playing a dumb game on my phone the other afternoon. I couldn't sleep, even though I really needed to, and I'd already listened to one episode (put up through 99% Invisible, which you'll hear about in a bit) so I knew I liked it. My interest in it only grew as I kept going.

Decode DC is basically a rundown of all things DC, bringing to light how ridiculous the whole Government situation is, and how the media doesn't make anything any better. The host, Andrea Seabrook, brings stories about the language used by each party and how it's all meant to sway and fool voters. They interview past politicians, and other reporters, and really dig deep into the nitty gritty background of politics that you usually don't get to see.

99% Invisible is all about design. They talk often about engineering and architecture, but it's not just a podcast about the joists (that's a thing, right?) and bolts inside skyscrapers, but about how design runs through everything in our lives and we really don't even notice most of it.

Ever wonder how postage stamps are designed? Curious about the term "arsenal of exclusion?" Do you have any idea how long those lines between freeway lanes are? Have you ever properly thanked Samuel Plimsoll? Do you even know who that is?

If you answered no to any (or all!) of these questions, go out and grab 99% Invisible. It's totally fascinating and most of the early episodes will only take up a few minutes of your time.

In the vein of things you don't see, Invisibilia is interesting, too! I've only listened to the first episode, which was a teeny bit too busy aurally for me, but the topic of "thought" was really fascinating. The two hosts tell you two stories about how thought has effected two men, and change their lives. They talk about the different schools of thought (heh) when it comes to psychology, and let you decide in the end (or at least, that's how I heard it) what's "best" in terms of dealing with your own negative thoughts.

I'm definitely adding it to my growing list of stuff to listen to while driving, cleaning, doing spreadsheets, walking, etc.


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