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I really like Supernatural, even now that it's exhausted nearly all the possible ways of making the Winchesters seem threatened and heroic. They've killed Death, for god's sake, where else can they go? They have to keep coming up with ways to hamper Castiel because him being an angel is pretty much a "win" button for a lot of things, the boys have both died so many times neither one of them (nor the audience) really worry about it anymore, and I'm okay with that. It's a dumb, fun show about dumb brothers making dumb decisions for dumb reasons.

Evidently, The X-Files was made by almost all the same people. I didn't know this going into watching it on Netflix, but now that I'm aware, I can see the similarities. Not just in the blatant X-Files guest stars, but in the monsters of the week, the lore behind things, and in the humor. That being said, I'm not digging The X-Files as much as I do SPN.

There was a sweet spot probably around season 4 or 5 of XF that had me going back to episodes any time I had free time, even though any episode that touches on the government/alien boinkfest that's apparently been going on in the canon since the 50s is ridiculous and, to me, EXTREMELY BORING.

Speaking of boring, Scully is pretty dull. I want to like her because Gillian Anderson is a delight and there are a lot of episodes where she admirably puts up with Mulder's pouty lips insisting it's aliens, but any episode where she's alone or it's about her Feeling Things, I have a lot of trouble staying tuned in. She's dullsville. And the writing is just so stupid and clumsy in terms of her remaining scientific above all. She'll witness something out there and see proof positive that weird shit goes on, and then the VERY NEXT EPISODE has her scoffing and rolling her eyes when Mulder suggests that weird shit goes on.

Mulder needs her, though. Not just because as a character he's self-destructive and the plot needs Scully to talk him out of throwing himself face first at anything from an alien virus to overusing the alien emoji, but because on his own he's just too out there. That being said, I enjoy episodes focused on him way more than the ones just about Scully.

I do think it's been worth watching, though, if only to see the few absurd episodes that celebrate the Mulder/Scully partnership in totally farcical ways. I don't really ship them, but that might be only because Scully mostly has the shipping potential of a dish rag.  And any episode where she has a love interest is painful because she responds to romantic advances like they completely disgust her but she feels that being intimate is something she HAS to do. I can't help but assume Scully is asexual and the writers just couldn't face that fact but the character herself was like, "Dudes, just own it."

Also, I love Skinner. The episode where that dude with mind control couldn't get Skinner to do what he wanted, so he had some tiny secretary attack Skinner while he ran away was aces. I want more of that. I want Kilgrave to tell Skinner to go fuck himself and Skinner to just punch Kilgrave in the face and maybe steal Kilgrave's wallet or something. I don't care that they're in totally different series, I would enjoy that.


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