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It’s funny how an attitude can completely change the light in which something is seen. As a kid, I used to think referring to objects as “she” or “her” was because women are superior, so items GET to be female, but others see it as equating women with objects. I wasn't raised with the viewpoint that women are inferior or that we're constantly seen as inferior, so it didn't occur to me to make an assumption that rendered my gender as such.

I just saw some tweets bitching about how it’s unfair to assume women only make things to be enjoyed by other women, inferring that most people believe we wouldn’t try to make things for men. It wouldn't have crossed my mind to see it that way. When it comes to people generally seeing female-produced media as being enjoyed mostly by women and male-produced media as being enjoyed by everyone, I’ve always seen it as proof that women are viewed as being better. I just figured people assume men have narrow minds while women have diverse tastes and open minds. Like, men aren’t open-minded enough to enjoy female-made things, but women can and will enjoy everything because we’re better.

This is why I don't view almost anything as being inherently offensive. Show the same thing to different people, and you're not going to get the same opinion on it, so how can it be inherently anything?


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