Life plans

I'm cooking stuff up! Let's start with literal cooking.

Earlier this week, I wanted to make something new, so I looked over my Pinterest board of meals and picked out a tofu stir fry that ended up being sooo tasty. I threw in some edamame and messed up the order in which I was supposed to cook everything, but it was still restaurant-levels of delicious. Who knew adding corn starch to tofu would make it five times better?

In house news, I finally got the junk out of my garage! That's not a euphemism, I really did have a lot of junk in the garage. We redid my bathroom in January and all the broken parts of the old bathroom were just piled up in the garage, getting covered in more garbage as time went on and I found more crap around the house I decided I didn't want. It felt pretty great to have two guys from Dump-It (or some company that's equally as obviously named) show up, shove everything into the back of a truck, and then charge me $150 to haul it all away. My garage is clean and clear now!

But not for long, as I'm having cabinets delivered next week, since we're redoing the kitchen next. My house is gonna be so fancy!

Topping off the fanciness (not really), I got my foundation fixed! That's not a euphemism either; my house was sinking. My kitchen floor felt like an unsteady dock, so I had to hire some dudes to jackhammer under the side of the house and put in a bunch of metal or magical elves or something to make sure it didn't keep sinking. Now there are holes and cracks throughout my house, hooray!

But at least it's not sinking.

Next on the agenda, is to call a nice Latino guy named Javier to clean up my yard, because it's a total mess. I never raked or anything after autumn hit, and he's been handling my yard mowing and cleaning for a few years since the one time I tried to own a lawn mower it died. It just stopped working after only two mows and the company basically didn't care, so I gave up and just hired the first guy who came to my door and offered to mow my lawns. I have a pretty big property so I don't mind paying someone else to deal with it for the whole three months out of the year that it actually grows.

After that I'm murdering a tree! 👍

Since my ex and I moved in, there's been a very large tree hanging over the roof, dropping all sorts of shit down and creating problems (namely that I have to empty the gutters, but also strangling the roof) and I'm finally going to get the stupid thing removed. Huzzah! A few guys with ropes and chainsaws and probably square jaws and bared butt cracks are gonna come by next week and cut that sucker down.

Take that, nature!

I'll have to find somewhere else to hang my bird feeder that only squirrels know about.

In less destructive news, I'm finally on the path to getting my empath series out there again! When Candlemark and Gleam went dormant for awhile, I asked for my rights back, figuring I could find another home for what's obviously a great set of books. I didn't have any luck, but I've decided to put the series out on my own, starting with republishing Mixed Feelings!

I've got a friend checking it for typos (since a couple did make it into the final version, oops) and another friend working on proofreading the second book, Business With Pleasure. I've got the phenomenal Jay Aheer working on the cover for Mixed Feelings and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Gwen and Mel and Chloe WILL be out in the world again! I've decided to publish them under the "publisher" name of Peacock Deceiving a Suitcase because it popped up in an art title generator and made me laugh. If I figure the whole publishing thing out, I might help a few friends get their books out, too, but that might be more difficult than I can actually handle, we'll see.

My cats are still doing well, though my tiniest cat Snapshot is showing very early signs of hyperthyroidism. I went through that with Martin a few years ago and he made a full recovery with radiation treatment. Much to his dismay, he only got better and didn't develop any super powers. Snap doesn't need treatment yet, but I still want to spoil her by getting her some more babies, since Lump's peed on two of hers. Amazon has her babies (cat-shaped Beanie Babies) for pretty cheap, but if anyone has any they don't want and that they don't mind getting carried around by the face, let me know! Snap would be thrilled to have them.


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