Cover Reveal: Metal

Woo hoo! August 9, 2016 is the release date for Rattle's exciting sequel, Metal! Remember how Finn thought nothing from his past could come back and bite him in his sexy butt? Boy was he wrong!

Finn's turned Veruca's life upside down in the best possible way. He's generous, beautiful, funny, and the best lover she's ever known. He's also a magnet for trouble, attracting it like he's the floor and it's the buttered side of toast.

Despite that, when an emissary of the fae shows up accusing Finn of reckless necromancy, she knows something isn't right. Finn's been a thief and a conman, but he isn't capable of murder. With help from an unlikely--and unlikeable--source, Veruca must follow a trail of blood and bodies and hope they lead her to the person who's making Finn look bad in the eyes of Fairy. His life may depend on it.

Metal will be out from, of course, Evernight Publishing, which is also where you can still find the freebie short story that comes between Rattle and Metal, Throb. Once buy links are listed, I'll make sure to add them to Finn and Veruca's PPNW page here on my site and post them on Twitter.


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