Mixed Feelings + Business With Pleasure in print!

It's true! Mixed Feelings and Business With Pleasure are going to be out in print very soon! All of you who don't like ebooks, or don't own any sort of a reader, or who just want to throw a few extra bucks my way and own physical, print copies of my amazing, hilarious, exciting work are in luck!

Uriko is ambivalent, maybe because she refuses to learn to read.
Aren't they pretty!?

I got my print proofs, and I went over them and found dumb typos and formatting issues. Since I've never self-published a print copy of a book before, it's been a pain figuring everything out, but I think I've got it. I've fixed the issues, corrected typos (in this and in the ebook version!), and hopefully it looks as proper and perfect as it should.

I'm aiming for a release date of January 31, and I'll definitely let the whole world know once the books are buyable in print so keep an eye on my Twitter, my Facebook, and-what the hell-my Instagram too, if you like cats and visual humor because there's a lot of that there.


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