March Fatness: Days 1 & 2

Day 1

Motivation: It's day 1, I don't need no stinking motivation!

Ate: Berry & mango smoothie, a homemade flax milk mocha, 60oz tea, 8oz plain water, PB&J sandwich, 2oz peanuts, flax crackers + raw cashew cheese snack, a giant veg and tofu sandwich, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter for a treat.

Moved: Jogged, then did some mild stretchy yoga for 10 minutes

Felt: Sleepy! Then stressed from work, then sleepy again. Overall I'm feeling pretty good and optimistic about getting 31 days of exercise in.

Etc: My pace per mile times are slower than when I left off before it got too icy to go outside in the morning, so I'm hoping I can get back to those and eventually beat them before the month's up!

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Maxwell is disappointed I won't let him sell me exercise insurance.

Day 2

Motivation: It's only day 2, I can't quit now!

Ate: homemade flax milk mocha; flax crackers and cashew cheese; raw chocolate; PB&J sandwich; 60oz tea; 16oz water; tofu, potatoes, garlic, and peppers sautéed into a delicious bowl of dinner.

Moved: I didn't do much, since I was having a weird hamstring thing when I woke up last night, but I did exercise!

Felt: Awake, then randomly SUPER sleepy, then enraged as I blogged about my shitty car dealership experience, then sleepy again as I hung with the roommate watching him play a game.

Etc: I wore pants that are a little too small to work and I feel awful. I really hope this month helps get me in better shape!

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
I took this right after Lump got tackled by Lucca but before he'd caught his bearings.


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