March Fatness Days 11 & 12

Day 9 - Saturday

Look at that flab. Blech.

Ate: Homemade soy lattes, tofu with potatoes, onions, garlic, and pepper, a Green Machine and some raw chocolate crackers, tofu sandwich, homemade chili with corn tortillas

Moved: More Boho Beautiful vids because her voice is soothing, she explains stuff well, and I love that her videos are always in beautiful places!

Felt: I was WIDE AWAKE at first, and I swept the house and did dishes and folded laundry, but then we got caught in traffic and I got sleepy and cranky.

Etc: I feel like I look super fat today, like any progress I thought I was making was reversed and then some. Ugh.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Crackers doesn't appreciate my window sticker's implication that she's a catnip addict.

Day 10 - Sunday

Motivation: I've lost NO WEIGHT, ugh.

Ate: Chickpea flour pancakes with maple syrup, 2 homemade lattes.

Moved: More Boho Beautiful yoga vids. I did the 5 minute arm work out video, as well as a general slow flow vid. I'm sore from the work I did yesterday and worked out within a few hours of waking up so I was still too tense to really go at it. My forward fold is more like a forward lean when I first wake up and my back isn't ready to cooperate yet.

Felt: Gross because my weight and shape are exactly the same.

Etc: I don't know what to do, guys. I'm so sick of fighting with my body and having it win. But also lose because it's winning by being fat. Also, I may have to give up on the MapMyRun app. I use the apple watch app to track things and it's a mess. Half the time it won't quit/connect to my phone so it just KEEPS TRACKING and draining my watch battery and my phone battery. Also, when I choose yoga, it'll choose something else for some reason. The last two days, it tracked my yoga as bike riding, which means it thinks I sat in one place on a bike for 30 minutes. 🙄

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Martin and Uriko, keeping each other warm <3


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