March Fatness Days 13 & 14

Day 13 - Monday

Motivation: I have to keep doing this, even though I don't want to.

Ate: fried tofu sandwich, french fries, soy latte, 60oz tea, 24oz water, potato soup, tofu tahini tacos

Moved: Just my usual quick 3030 work out that I seem to revert to once or twice a week. I added a few other exercises, though I didn't put my watch on to track it all, oops.

Felt: Depressed, frustrated, angry. I'm fighting with different places that owe me money and having no luck getting my money back.

Etc: I've got to get back to eating whole foods because i feel fatter and worse and more tired since i've been on a junk food binge and i KNOW not to eat that way, but it just tastes so good! except the fried tofu sandwich, which was disappointing and i shouldn't have kept eating it.

also, i managed to slice a third of my fingernail off the skin yesterday so typing is awful and i've given up doing it with any sort of purpose.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:

Sleeping with his eyes open like the creepy hobo he is.

Day 14 - Tuesday

Motivation: Ehhhhhhhhh.

Ate: soy latte, potato soup, peanuts, 30oz tea, sriracha-tahini tofu tacos, chips with sofritas and beans

Moved: I did 35 minutes of freeform yoga while watching TV. I mainly tried to concentrate on stretching my hamstrings since they get SO sore after I do squats and stuff.

Felt: Angry at the world!

Etc: I try to be a positive person, but so many things are making that really hard lately. Including the fact that I've injured myself at least once a day for the last week!

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
*~Reaching for his dreams~* (which are under that pillow)


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