March Fatness Days 15 & 16

Day 15 - Wednesday

Motivation: I don't even think I have any at this point.

Ate: soy latte, PB&J Sammich, 60oz tea, 17oz water, coffee with soy milk, potato chips (I need to stop; I used to like them but they're not good anymore, I'm just stupid), tahini-sriracha tofu tacos, Indian food. I didn't keep track very well while in CA.

Moved: I walked around some, through the airport and around SF just getting from point A to B. Looks like my average "not trying to exercise but walking a lot" seems to be 5.5 miles. Weird.

Felt: rushed and sore.

Etc: I'm flying to CA to visit family since we lost my grandmother to cancer last week, so, yeah.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:

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Day 16 - Thursday


Ate: Honestly, I have no idea. I snacked a lot during the day, and I made lunch for the family, so my best guess would be peanuts, sunflower kernels, potato soup,  and leftover Indian food, I think.

Moved: We visited not-really-local family so there was cumulatively about 5 hours of driving. I did jog-walk about 3 miles in the morning, though.

Felt: Ehhh.

Etc: IDK.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
My mom's cat Minnie, who has gotten to be way less mini since I met her.


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