March Fatness Days 17 & 18

Day 17 - Friday

Motivation: ???

Ate: So much candy and crap. I think oatmeal, then Butcher's Son sandwiches, candy I bought while walking aimlessly. Um. *shrug emoji* I honestly was not paying attention.

Moved:  I walked. So much. SO MUCH that my butt hurts. It wasn't even a lot for me, but I was wearing my summer shoes for the first time since I went to Italy and my feet aren't used to them anymore, so I had blisters by about 5 miles in, AND I was still sore just from generally being sore from being active every single day.

Felt: Sore, ready to be home with the cats.

Etc: I feel hugely fat, guys. Like, I'm pretty sure all this exercise is making me fatter. I don't fit into anything and I hate myself.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Lucca's expression represents how I feel inside.

Day 18 - Saturday

Motivation: Allllllllllll the pants i have that don't fit.

Ate: homemade latte, tahini-tofu tacos, bread with hummus because I suck.

Moved: Honestly, I have not tried at all today, guys. My blisters from yesterday are bugging me, my hips are sore, and I really don't want to do anything else. The septic tank backed up into the shower today and I owe the government $100 for forgetting to pay a $0.75 toll so I want to hide under the covers and just scream NO anytime someone talks to me.

Felt: See above.

Etc: I drank some wine before posting this, and I want to just finish the bottle.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Maxwell bet me I couldn't lose anymore weight and he can already taste his victory wet food
cuz he knows he'll win.

Yesterday was Sunday Check-In! Be sure to check out Leanne's blog for my update, Naomi's update on how she's doing with her #Dechox, and--uh, duh--Leanne's update.


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