March Fatness Days 21 & 22

Day 21 - Tuesday

Motivation: I was too tired to have motivation.

Ate: Latte, veg sandwich, Indian food, PB&J, 60oz tea, 16oz water, giant salad

Moved: I walk-jogged 2.5 miles. I forgot to take my inhaler this morning so I was a mess by about 1 minute in.

Felt: SO TIRED! I came home barely able to stand and passed out HARD for a few hours.

Etc: I split my sleep again, napping for a few hours in the morning and then again before work.

Gratuitous Cat Picture: Throwback to last year when I was in Italy.

Day 22 - Wednesday

Motivation: Just over a week left!

Ate: Latte, PB&J, saltines, 60oz tea, 12oz water, hummus with pita chips, Mod Pizza with just red sauce and garlic (mmmmmmmmm! garlic *_*), and then a mocha because I'm dumb. I overate by 32 calories because I underestimated how many calories would be in the mocha.

Moved: 45 minutes of yoga, BUT the stupid MapMyRun app CRASHED 12 minutes in so it thought I did way less exercise than I actually did. uuuugh. I need to find another activity tracker.

Felt: tired again, or maybe I'm just confusing my eyes stinging for being tired?

Etc: I think I'm allergic to my asthma inhaler, but I have a prescription for a different one that I'll be filling in another week or two. Maybe that one will help?

Gratuitous Cat Picture:

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