March Fatness Days 23 & 24

Day 23 - Thursday

Motivation: I look like a sausage. I wore one of my pants that I thought could stretch out a little and it was A HORRIBLE MISTAKE.

Ate: Coconut latte, PB&J, saltines, 1 can of coke, 30oz of tea, 8oz water, tofu veg sandwich

Moved: 40 minutes of "extreme" yoga, which I call extreme because my balance was HORRIBLE and I was just falling over constantly and nearly hitting my head on things. I don't know what was up.

Felt: flabby!

Etc: I'm honestly wondering if the ONLY way to lose weight is to give up all carbs and fat forever and run 20 miles a day. I hate my body.

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Day 24 - Friday

Motivation: Wait, am I losing weight?

Ate: Indian food! Mmmmm (channa pindi, dal tudka, pakoras, roti), can of coke, 30oz tea, 24oz of water, chickpea pancakes and maple syrup, popcorn and soda at the movies, mini-corn dogs! Fridays are always a mess for me because I tend to eat as if it's two whole days, just from how much I end up being awake.

Moved: I almost didn't! I "took a nap" at noon and didn't wake up until 8:30. I ended up just doing my default 10 minute quickie work-out to knock something out.

Felt: not as fat as yesterday somehow?

Etc: I weighed myself and i'm 174lbs for the second time this week. If this sticks through April 1, then I will have actually lost 5lbs this month! Which is nuts because a week ago I was up to 181 and convinced I suck at life.

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