March Fatness Days 25 & 26

Day 25 - Saturday

Motivation: Whatevs? It's five days left, I think I can do this.

Ate: homemade latte, Green machine smoothie, flackers and Treeline cheese, chickpea pancake, some wine, homemade Indian food

Moved: I cleaned and ran errands and cooked so much I got over 6 miles in just incidentally.

Felt: Excited! I bought a cookbook to make vegan Indian food and I bought a hundred spices and made dinner! Half of it was a bland failure, but the tomato potato thing was decent and the roti was good.

Etc: My back is sore and I can't figure out why

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Day 26 - Sunday

Motivation: Not enough, it seems

Ate: homemade latte, tofu potato stir-fry, caramel apple pie, cashew cheese and roti snack

Moved: I didn't! My back pain has turned out to be a kidney infection, I think, and if I don't keep one very specific position, I'm in A LOT of pain.

Felt: so much hurt :(

Etc: uuuuugghhh my streak is ruined! and i'm back up to 179lbs 🙄

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