March Fatness Days 27 & 28

Day 27 - Monday

Motivation: None at this point, I'm in too much pain.

Ate: Too much! We have pie in the house and then I ate almond butter cups because I just want tasty things that make me feel better.

Moved: As little as possible.

Felt: Horrrrible.

Etc: My kidney infection is probably kidney stones, which are too painful to allow much movement. I get an ultrasound Tuesday and I've started antibiotics and some nearly useless painkillers.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
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Day 28 - Tuesday

Motivation: everything sucks.

Ate: PB&J, peanuts, tea, atte, and fritos

Moved: I didn't, I slept most of the day.

Felt: Awful.

Etc: I hate life.

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
i hate life as much as Lump hates consciousness.


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