March Fatness Days 5 & 6

Day 5 - Sunday

Motivation: Doing the arm toning exercises last week was a floppy mess~

Ate: (poorly) hot dogs, flax milk mocha, cashew cheese and seeded crackers, almond milk strawberry mousse, multi-green kombucha

Moved: I stood and walked some at my volunteer shift, and then took a leisurely walk home

Felt: good! I mean, fat, but still good!

Etc: I regret the hot dogs and the coke and chips over the last few days. I KNOW that eating junk food makes me crave more junk food, but I did it anyway :/

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Wheatley's considering a line of blankets to sell just to cats, but only so they can play in
the plastic bags the blankets would come in.

Day 6 - Monday

Motivation: I don't know, I'm fat.

Ate: 2 flax milk mochas, Louisville Jerky, more cashew cheese & crackers, 60oz tea, 40oz water, lentil pasta with red sauce, raw chocolate, half a pb&j sandwich, popcorn and coke

Moved: Just a quick 10 minute jaunt through jumping jacks, squats, all that sort of stuff that I did last week.

Felt: Tired because I didn't get enough sleep, annoyed because work, tired because the cats woke me up from my nap early :/

Etc: Today is another trash eating day because I have no self-control!

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
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