March Fatness Days 9 & 10

Day 9 - Thursday

Motivation: I might be getting toned!

Ate: homemade soy latte, 60oz of tea, 8oz of water, a PB&J sandwich, a GoMacro Macrobar, potato soup, coffee with soy milk, TWO muffins (mistake, omg), chocolate samples on the Theo's factory tour.

Moved: We walked around Fremont a little and I got about 5 miles in today

Felt: Awake, even though I went to bed late. Then soooo sleeepppyyyyyy.

Etc: I did NOT get enough sleep today or yesterday and I am not doing well. -_-

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Here's an old picture of Wheatley and Martin bonding over disliking something, I guess.

Day 10 - Friday

Motivation: I don't even know I can't stay awake

Ate: coffee with soy milk,  30oz tea, 24oz water, bahn mi, veg chowder, potato soup (it's gone, whyyyyy), PB&J sandwich, starbucks soy mocha, waffle with maple syrup and butter, ice cream, kung pao veg with tofu.

Moved: Walking again. Nothing too strenuous, but we did a few miles.

Felt: so tired *weeps*

Etc: I feel so lazy the last few days for not explicitly exercising!

Gratuitous Cat Picture:
Maxwell's offered to coach me, but I can't afford his fee so he just judges me instead.


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