Coming Soon! DPPNW #2.5: Murmur

Finn and Veruca are back! Coming September 28, you can pick up a little Romance on the Go story about a road trip gone wrong, and catch up with them before their third and final book comes out (most likely early next year; I'm plugging away at it now).

What sorts of shenanigans could Finn possibly get up to on a simple road trip, you ask? Plenty, I answer!


It was just like Finn to turn a romantic trip into a hostage situation.
Veruca had intended to enjoy a fun weekend full of bawdy banter and spontaneous sex with her hot boyfriend. Now she’s racing to track down a bunch of housewives, stop them from sacrificing her man, and hopefully make nice with a demon.
Finn knows something up, even though the women who nabbed him, stripped him, and tied him to a tree don’t seem to be all that bad. There’s nothing wrong with being naked and surrounded by ladies, not as far as Finn’s concerned. Still, the masks, robes, and secret forest rendezvous seem a little suspicious.
It’ll work out in the end, he tells himself. Surely Veruca will save the day just like she always does. And maybe, if he’s lucky, the sight of him bound and bare will give her some sexy ideas about how they can finish out their evening together.

Even without trying, Finn ends up naked in the arms of bad girls. He just can't catch a break.

You'll find Murmur for $2.99 at the usual spots: Amazon, Evernight, Goodreads and anywhere ebooks are sold! Once you grab it and read it (because of course you will, it's hilarious and sexy), give it a review on all the sites (you could even say nice things about it as part of some Yelp review if you feel like it; I don't mind being lumped in with talk of good Pad Thai), and follow me on social media to say hi.


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