Drinking Alone

I quite enjoy drinking alone, if only because I don’t know any better. I’ve had a few drinks while out and about, but mostly I like to get sloppy by myself in my kitchen with music blasting or with some stupid TV show on. I like to put on a ridiculous movie and drink until I can’t tell what’s going on and barely remember having watched it in the morning.

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I’m usually a good drunk, which not everyone can say. I get giggly and silly when I’m drunk. I argue with my cats and get vexed by my tortilla press and complain about the neighbors to no one in particular. I’ve worked the graveyard shift at a hotel for most of the last fifteen years, though, and I can definitely attest to the fact that not everyone is a good drunk. I’ve been berated, threatened, and irritated by drunks. I’ve had to save people from dying of alcohol poisoning and divert other people from vomiting onto the floor. I’ve had to clean up after people have missed the trash can or not made it to their hotel rooms. There are a lot of different kinds of drunks out there and if you’re going to be drinking at all, you’ve got to figure out if it’s even a good idea first.

Drink lightly, drink heavily, drink all the adjectives in between, but make sure you can gauge your style of drunkenness before you commit to drinking alone on a regular basis. See how many beers/ciders/shots/swigs straight from a bottle of KahlĂșa you can handle before drinking turns from a pleasant way to make you feel fuzzy and silly to a recipe for disaster. My mother once gave me the advice to drink as much as I felt like, but to remember to make myself vomit when I got to the “happy” level of drunk. Otherwise, the alcohol just continues to process through your intestines and make everything way, way worse.

Sure, it’s a waste of booze, but I’d rather flush $12 in beer than ruin a whole couch or have to rush a pet to the vet because it went after a pile of sick I’d left in bed the night before.

Drinking alone may not be an option for everyone, either. I’ve got the addiction gene running through my family, which means drinking, drugs, and many other vices can be dangerous if overdone. If you’ve got a history of dependence in your family, you might want to study your own past behavior before deciding if bringing home a few six-packs and/or a bottle of vodka is a good idea. There’s no shame in realizing you have the addiction gene and being cautious of it, even if you need help to avoid indulging and going overboard. We all have faults we have little control over and some people are just better off sober.

As to what to do while you’re drinking alone, should you choose to do so, there are some options. They’re limited, of course, but they’re there. Movies, TV, quiet reflection, drunk blogging or vlogging, maybe cooking if you know you can be trusted to handle hot ovens, knives, or graters while you’ve got a buzz on. The point is to enjoy yourself, so if you find that you never feel good after your solo, gin-soaked movie nights, then you’ll have to move on to some other form of solo entertainment. Again, there’s no shame in that. Booze can be pretty expensive, after all.


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