Motivational Quotes are Bullshit

We’ve all seen those quotes tossed around on Facebook or Tumblr or Twitter, those insufferable images made up of some vague and blurry, sepia background image with elegant text over the top.

Waste Skip by Sean Gladwell
Waste Skip by Sean Gladwell [x]
  • “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
  • “Get it, girl!”
  • “She believed the could, so she did!”
  • “You are beautiful.”
  • “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”
  • “Stay positive!”
  • “Be the girl who’s in love with her own life!”

Don’t they just make you want to vomit? They’re so clearly aimed at other people, people who have a chance at all the things you don’t. Girls who can wear a messy up-do and sweat pants to Starbucks and still get flirted with by the barista. Women who go to bars with friends and end up getting most of their drinks free from admirers. Boys who get, ‘Do you like me?’ notes slipped to them in class. Men who have the luxury of complaining about all the messages they get on OKCupid and how over half of them are from women they’re “just not that into.”

Meanwhile, you’re over there, sitting on your couch at 2am wishing you’d gone to bed on time but knowing that there’s just one more boss to beat or episode to watch. You’ve checked your email for the fifth time that day and found the only email you’ve gotten from, yet again, is them trying to convince you to give them (more?) money. Those motivational quotes are totally bullshit.

For you.

For others, they may do some good. For others who have the greatness of symmetrical features and smooth skin, life can change for the better if they just stay positive, get it, and believe they can. They’ll have help in the form of close friends and partners, and you’ll probably still be sitting on your couch hating them for it.

You have to be your own motivation. Your whole life ahead of you is going to be lonely, but at least that means you don’t have to ask permission, take anyone else’s desires into consideration, or worry about other people failing you. Anything you achieve is yours alone, which can be pretty cool on its own. You’ll never have to thank anyone else if you win an Oscar (for something off-screen, naturally); you can tell all the people who’ve been mean to you to fuck off, instead. Much more satisfying.


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