Crying into your pillow: some handy tips

Being ugly sucks. It’s not really something attractive people get, as we know. It’s lonely and it’s frustrating and it’s just hard. You see people around you living a life you know you’ll never have you just think, “What the fuck?”

Or maybe just, “Fuck!”

Destroy the Sadness by Patrizio Martorana
Destroy the Patrizio Martorana [x]

People around you complain about life experiences you can’t relate to and you think what a privilege it must be to get to complain about something you’ll never experience. The future you know you’re headed for is missing things that are inevitable for other people and your life is going to be harder because of it.

That sucks.

As hard as you’re working to better yourself, learn things, get fit, take care of your beloved pets, or save the world, there’s going to be that inevitable shitty day where you can’t shut your brain off when it’s determined to remind you of all the things that you can’t have. You’re gonna cry or rage or whimper. You’re going to want to chew off your own arm rather than see another commercial about a couple growing old together or someone proposing to his or her partner. You’re going to be fucking sick of being alone and of having to work twice as hard as anyone else to achieve happiness.

If you’re the type of person who has this happen a lot, you might want to look into getting professional help. Therapy is handy because you’re paying someone to listen to you so they can’t just shrug you off or lie to you because they don’t want to look at you anymore. Even more handy is medication for those who need it. Both therapy and medication can take time and some trial-and-error to get right, but they really can help make you feel better. Medication is nothing to be ashamed of or scared of. It’s like a little cast for your brain. You break your arm, you need something to stabilize the bone so it doesn’t heal busted and crooked. Taking medication is similar for your neurons or whatever it is that they affect.

It’s been twenty years since I took an intro to psychology class, I don’t remember all the details.

Therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, either. Yes, it can get expensive, so it’s, sadly, not an option for everyone, but if you have good insurance or can find a low-cost or free option for it in your area, it can really help. You just need to be honest with your therapist and with yourself.

Otherwise, if you’re just a typical person who gets sad here and there, then, go ahead and cry. Keep some tissue and a little garbage bin nearby, watch some sad movies so you can pretend you’re crying at those instead of the state of your life, and go to town. Crying can release a lot of tension and sometimes you just need to clear a bunch of useless crap out of your brain through your tear ducts.

Remember that once you’ve spent an afternoon or a night weeping and wailing, though, that you come back to your hobbies and your plans and work on them. Don’t just let one or two days turn into one or two weeks or months or years. Being alone isn’t the end of the world, it’s just really shitty. You’re stronger than any hot person could ever be, so you can handle it, I swear.


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