2017 Year in Review

What a year, am I right?

I am this fat pegasus: goofy and aged, but still trying my best

2017 has been a tough year in a lot of ways, but it's definitely had its ups to distract from the downs. I traveled to two new countries, spraining my ankle in one of them. I lost a cat to cancer, and I miss her terribly, but I know it was right for her in the end and I'm deciding on a small tattoo to memorialize her. I volunteered twice a month, helped and hung out with friends often, and had my first author event, which went nowhere. I've learned basic (very basic; oh so basic) knitting, a little bit of German, and lost weight.

Every year since about 2013, I've started the year at 181lbs. Even if I could manage to lose weight there in the middle of the year I would eat my way right back up in the last few months. I was determined this year not to make it happen and I managed it! Granted, every other year I was DETERMINED not to let it happen, but this year I actually stuck to my plan.

It went in fits and starts, but each time I lost weight I was able to keep it off. I've also pushed myself a few times this year, just to see if I could stick to something I vowed to do and actually accomplished my goal each time!

In March, I challenged myself to exercise every day for the whole month and, while I technically missed the last few days because of a kidney infection, I managed to lose weight. In June or July (they run together for me) I challenged myself to do 30 sit ups and 30 squats every day for the whole month and I managed to make it happen, though three weeks in, my bad knees stopped tolerating the squats so I changed to donkey kicks, or whatever those other butt workout kicks are called. In October I challenged myself to drink ONLY water for 30 days and that was actually pretty easy, too. I lost 7lbs that month without changing anything except what I was drinking, so I really felt accomplished.

Then, around late November I stumbled on the idea of intermittent fasting and decided I would give it a shot. It's worked SO well for me! I've been reading articles and forum posts about it, and have committed to what's slangily referred to as OMAD (one meal a day) for at least two days a week, though I'm considering making it a 5 day/week thing just because it's generally easier and I've noticed benefits other than just weight loss. I'm usually more awake on the nights I fast, my mood has been better, I've been losing weight or at least maintaining, and I spend less money on food since I'm not buying anything to bring to work.

I was on a roll there for awhile, reliably losing 2lbs each week until I got really sick a few weeks ago and it totally messed me up. My asthma flared up, which caused allergy issues (my inhalers all cause me to become a phlegm machine), and I stalled and then gained back a few pounds over Christmas because my favorite sweets shop offered VEGAN CANDY CANE ICE CREAM!!! and I couldn't resist.

But, I'm back down to 158lbs now, so if I can hold strong for just a few more days and at least maintain that, then I can successfully say I've lost (over) 20lbs this year! I'm really, ambitiously, possibly foolishly, trying to get down to 120lbs by my birthday, since Cody and I are going back to Europe to celebrate my 36th.

If I can REALLY push myself and lose just 2 more pounds, I will have lost 25lbs this year, which would be pretty cool.

Other than my weight accomplishments I don't feel I've done much. I was really ambitious, writing-wise, at the start of the year but that's amounted to nothing. I put out Gwen's third book, Cold Feet, and a Halloween short, Gut Feeling. I put out Murmur, a Veruca and Finn short, though I'm working on their third book (which will be the end of their little series!).  I've also got several other stuff in the works, but I haven't actually worked on it at all in the last few months, which is sad for me. Naomi Clark and I are working on a short romance trilogy that's 2/3 of the way done, so hopefully I can get my butt in gear and get that out before February.

I'm gonna make a separate 2018 goals post, don't worry.

Now for my 2017 in pictures

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Starting the year by really discovering my true identity may have helped with any successes I achieved through the rest of 2017.

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Lump discovered some things about himself, too! He may be mostly deaf, dumb, diseased, and doofy, but by god does he want to review--or at least watch--space movies as a job.

You can find the #MarchFatness tag over here on my blog series page.

Germany was a mixed bag in terms of interpersonal stuff, but it was a cool place to visit and I can't wait to go back!

I designed these with the help of a great friend, whose art you can find on some cool products over on her website: supergoodforyou.com

I'm doing my best to learn German because I think it's a neat language, and because I may move there one day.

My Martin tattoo! It's my favorite of my tattoos, though that's not much of a contest since I only have four, and two of them were a pair, so it really doesn't have much competition.

Saddest time of the year. I'm still having crying fits over her, and I still mistake Lump for her out of the corner of my eye sometimes. I inevitably have a split second of joy at the idea of seeing her again and then a few minutes of crushing sadness when I realize I'm wrong and it's not her.

I love putting my cats in costumes! Martin prefers frilly dresses, but he played along with my forcing him to cosplay as Captain Kirk.

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Uriko's usual response to being dressed up is to fall over and go stiff-legged, but this was the third or fourth outfit I'd put her in, so she just sat there jaded instead.

This was the first night I weighed in at under 160lbs (I think by only .2lbs or something, but it counted!) so I was feeling pretty good about myself. I still look exactly the same as I did at the beginning of the year and 20lbs ago, but I FEEL like I've accomplished something at least.

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My Martin. My beloved, screaming, demanding, screeching, stomping, diva, tantrum-throwing Martin. I love him, even though he is all of the above and sometimes throws up on my bed next to me because he's too old to bother running off elsewhere like he used to when he was young.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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