2018: Goals

The idea of resolutions is rather dingy and tainted with the idea that no one really follows through on them, so I'm going to try to set out some goals rather than resolutions. There are various areas of my life I'm unhappy in, or at least that I feel need work, so hopefully I can get done most of what  I set out to finish.

QiLin by Takashi Tan on ArtStation [x]

Every year, my friend Naomi gives the incoming year a label based on a mythological creature, aiming to structure her reactions to the year and hopefully mold her accomplishments in the image of that creature. Last month, we'd discussed calling 2018 the year of the Qilin, which I quite like. According to stories, the Qilin is a fierce looking creature that prances through the clouds and often indicates good things are coming. In one story, it rocks up to an expectant mother, barfs up a prophecy written on jade, and then prances off. That expectant mother? Confucius' mama! Qilins are vegan, completely disinterested in harming anything--unless you're a dangerous jerk, that is. If you put good and innocent people in danger the Qilin may incinerate you where you stand.

I like the idea of imbuing 2018 with a gentleness that is nonetheless fierce and bold. I want the coming year to do no harm, but take no shit. But, mostly I want it to be a good omen, dammit. For what, I haven't decided, but we'll see where the year takes me.


  • Finish and publish Knell, Veruca and Finn's last book
  • Publish Gwen's next novel, Hollow Back Girl, and the short that comes after it
  • Finish the trilogy I'm working on with Naomi and get that out
  • Finish the trashy, dumb, intentionally cliched UF trilogy I'm working on and get that out there
  • Finish Abi's second book and maybe start her third


  • Lose my last 40lbs!
  • Stay committed to fasting 
  • Get back into doing yoga


  • Accept more invites
  • Find more volunteer opportunities


  • Journal or blog more consistently
  • Take more pictures (of things other than the cats)
  • Keep to a budget! No more dining out all the time.


  • Finish knitting the "scarf" I've started
  • If that's not torture, learn more complicated knitting
  • Recommit to learning German; I've slacked off recently and I'm sure I've forgotten everything
  • Learn to crochet
I think the "health" goals will be the easiest to stick with, just because I've been on a roll with that already and, if I can keep myself accountable, it shouldn't take more than half the year to lose weight. Writing goals should be attempted early in the year when I'm not as busy, but I spent most of December not terribly slammed and still couldn't manage to even write 250 words each day like I told myself I would start doing in October.

The Accountability section has me a bit vexed. I want to track my weight, like I've been doing, and milestones in life, even if they seem like nothing at the time. I've been looking over the "my year in review" posts by creatives I follow on social media and it seems like everyone gets stuff done except me! That could be because I barely journaled this year, though, and I'm just forgetting most of what's happened in 2017. Maybe I'll start a weight loss instagram or a gratitude twitter account or maybe I'll just keep to my secret journal and try to write in there more often.

I don't know that my writing will ever go anywhere, but I want to at least finish what I've started and put that stuff out there. If, after all that, it's still clear my writing doesn't appeal to anyone, then at least I'll feel like I didn't give up partway through any series.

I'm melancholy tonight because life seems a lot harder and less rewarding than it did just 24 hours ago, but hopefully I can shake that off. Thirty-six is supposed to be a better year for me than any I've had in ages, so I'm going to work my butt off to do all I can to ensure that's the case. 

Happy New Year! Let's barf up some good omens, friends!


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