Gratitudes: Week Four

We're closing in on the end of the month! Things are still going pretty well for me. I've got my debt under control still, though I could use extra money each month so I could save. My weight is fluctuating, but I'm hovering around 153lbs instead of the 157 I started the month at. Work's getting busier and busier, which is no fun, but it can't be avoided. I've made progress on Veruca and Finn's last book, Knell, and I hope to have it done and submitted by the end of February. My volunteering is going well: every other Sunday and now every Monday with the Feral Cat foundation.

Now I've just got to get my tax stuff together, get it submitted, and hopefully be able to put all money I get back into my fund for my birthday trip to Germany! 🤞🏼

22 January
Looks like I skipped Sunday again accidentally. Monday was another good shift; the people I volunteer with are rather cliquey and don't seem to want to chat with me or get to know me at all, so I just talked with the cats waiting to be helped instead. Much better!

 23 January
I finished it! Thank god I got that stuff out of the house. I was having trouble staying away and it was dumping more calories into my daily intake than I needed. 😑

 25 January
I like the nights at work when it's not crazy and I don't get any hobos showing up and bothering me.

26 January
It's just a good time, okay?

27 January
It was delicious and made cooking twice as fun. Hooray lentil soup!