Gratitudes: Week Three

I'm three weeks into 2018 and happier than I feel I was most of 2017. I don't know if these (almost) daily gratitudes are helping, but I'm willing to believe they are! Looks like I skipped a few days this week without meaning too, though. Oops!

16 January
 I started volunteering at the Feral Cat Project last week, which is terrifying and so interesting! I help prep the cats for surgery, which basically amounts to shaving kitties, vaccinating them, checking to see if they have parasites, cleaning the cats so they don't get any sort of disease while they're being altered, and being exposed to stinky feral boy cats with flea-infested, poop-covered butts! The scary part is being worried that I'll screw up and not clean them correctly, but I know I'm helping to keep the population of wild cats down, so it's worth the fear.

17 January
I've been yo-yoing weight-wise this month, and I can't tell if it's hormones (possible) or just that I tend to consider Fridays cheat days and let myself binge like crazy. I fasted last Tuesday, though, just because of my busy schedule and it dropped off the extra weight that could have been hormones, thus allowing me to start this week down closer to where I feel I should be. Hooray!

18 January
This was a DANGEROUS choice. All I want to do is just DRINK the caramel D:

19 January
OMG I'm addicted to seeded baguettes. I will often choose a baguette over a sweet snack because they're SO GOOD. It may be an addiction since the moment they're in my hands I have to control myself from just eating the whole thing while walking to the register to check out. They're typically about 800 calories for the whole thing, but I found one that's only 500 calories! I ate the whole thing in ten minutes but MAAAAN was it delicious.

20 January
Saturday was a coworker's birthday and, after waking up at 3am and spending the day out with friends, I was SO SO tired and sort of just wanted to go to bed. But the party was at an arcade/bar and Cody wanted to check it out, so I let his enthusiasm for going perk me up. It was fun, even though I am not good at video games. What I've learned from saying yes to hanging out with people and more aggressively pursuing doing so is that it's FUN! Being worried that it's going to be boring or that I'll be cranky or not get enough sleep is a dumb way to live, so I'm shrugging that off.

Hopefully this week holds more goodness and more seeded baguettes.