Gratitudes: Week Two

I skipped Friday this week because of some personal stuff that came up and made it hard to think of anything to be grateful for. That's too bad since, apparently, those times are the ones where you need the gratitude boost the most! I also didn't make it Sunday, just cuz I was sick.

8 January
Sunday was crappy! I got sick and it totally knocked me out for the whole day. It started as vertigo, and then turned into some weird flu and then went totally away the next day. Sooo strange.

9 January
We have a whole menagerie of squirrels and crows and a stray cat we call Ghost and one bitchy seagull who come hang out in our yard and eat the snacks we put out every morning. The squirrels have gotten to trust us enough that most of them will take a peanut from our hands if we offer it! This one, however, seemed new to the yard and wasn't totally sure of my intentions. He dithered and wiggled his tail and then, with one eye on my face to see how I'd react, he slapped my thumb, probably as a test to make sure getting close wasn't going to end in me eating him. When I didn't retaliate, he took the peanut from my fingers and scampered off. It was SO CUTE!

10 January
I've since ruined the progress, but I got some pretty impressive (for me) weigh-ins this week! Wednesday I came home from fasting at work and found that I'd dropped down to 154.4lbs! I'd started the year at 157 exactly so this felt pretty good. The next day I managed to drop to 153.2! I ate a lot Friday and Saturday, though, and that progress didn't stick around. I'm hoping to reclaim it this week, though.

11 January
It's true: I'm always freezing at work, so I have a little electric heater tucked under the desk to keep my feet toasty. I also wear a shirt under my uniform shirt and a sweater between my uniform shirt... and my uniform sweater. I'm officially an old lady.

13 January
I make really good red sauce; lots of garlic, onions, oregano, and expensive olive oil are the secrets! I put too much rosemary in the latest batch and it's sweeter than I usually like, but still good.

14 January
I don't mind the actual bus experience, but I'm not exactly rolling in dough, so when a friend saves me $3.50 by offering to drive me home, it's really helpful.

My mission this week is to not ruin my weight loss progress, to continue my gratitudes tracking, and to keep writing at a decent pace so that I can finish the series I'm working on and get it to the publisher before March.